About Tamil Fest 

The Tamil Canadian community is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada with over 350,000 strong consisting of a significant presence in the City of Toronto.  The community consists of a thriving arts and cultural scene with incredible world class talent within the community. Tamil Fest is Scarborough’s largest event attracting over 250 000 attendees in its fifth annual event in August 2019. 


This year due to the unprecedented global pandemic of COVID-19, Tamil Fest will be moved to a Drive-in and Virtual format for everyone to enjoy world class entertainment. Popular Tamil Canadian singers and dancers will be engaged with great fan-fare for a two day concert.

We expect a large viewership for this live concert. Attendees can choose to drive in to the venue or view the concert from the comfort of their home, which will be live streamed on both days on the Tamil Fest website, YouTube live and Facebook live. 


Join us on the 28th and 29th of August for Tamil Fest 2021 Drive in and Virtual Concert. 

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