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COVID-19 Guidelines

Guidelines / Health Compliance / Rules

The event will follow social distancing guidelines and producers want everyone to have a safe,

fun time at this incredible experience.

We are following all guidelines as appropriate. Cars will be parked at their minimum distance in

accordance to the provinces safety recommendations. All drive-in staff will be wearing PPE. There is no re-entry privileges and ticket sales are final.

We ask that restrooms be used with adequate care during the show, maintaining social distancing.
All attendees visiting the Concession or Restroom areas must wear a mask. Please respect the safety and experience of others.

In order to provide the safest and best Drive-In Concert Experience, we require each attendee to observe the following rules:


  • If you are sick, running a fever or have been exposed to COVID-19, please stay home until you are healthy.

  • Only attendees within vehicles are allowed to attend this event. That means no walk-in to the parking lot designated for the concert

  • No RVs, buses, or oversized vehicles. Big trucks and SUVS may be directed to the back of the lot so you do not block the screen.

  • Park your cars only at the designated spots. Once you are parked, please do not move your vehicle unless escorted by a volunteer. If you have to exit, please ask a volunteer for assistance

  • No refund requests, transfers, or exceptions will be granted (unless the event is cancelled-outright). This event is rain or shine.

  • No guests will be allowed to sit outside of their vehicle in a manner that is within 3 feet away from their vehicle. Guest may be allowed to sit in front of their vehicle (guests will need to bring their own lawn/foldable chairs). Please respect each other's space. Security will be on-site to enforce social distancing. Rules are subject to change per the venue's request.

  • No Guests are allowed to sit on top of their vehicles

  • No alcohol, drugs, or illegal substances will be permitted at the event or inside your vehicle.

  • Police & security personnals will be on-site. Your vehicles may be searched upon entry.

  • No weapons, guns, fireworks, knives, pepper spray, or laser pointers.

  • No professional camera, drones, or video or audio recording equipment. Unless pre-approved for media personnel

  • We suggest arriving early - drive-in parking is first-come-first serve

  • We require that you follow the current Ontario COVID-19 guidelines during this time. That means bring a mask, gloves, sanitizer.

  • The event producers may choose to provide masks or sanitizer for each event. Guests are highly recommended to provide their own. We cannot guarantee availability and if provided, will be done so on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Parents and guardians are responsible for their child's safety. Please do not leave children unattended at the event.

  • No pets are allowed. Assistive animals are welcome with valid credentials. 

  • No Tamil Fest Parking, outside of the event venue. This will be strictly monitored by Parking Enforcement.

  • Event organizers are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 

​The above procedures will be enforced by volunteers, security personnel, Police and By-Law officers. Security and event staff have the authority to have any person or vehicle removed from the site for not following any of the rules and regulations stated on this notice.

​For any assistance, please speak to a volunteer at the Canadian Tamil Congress tent at the venue.

Thank you for doing your part in keeping yourself and others safe. Enjoy the show safely!